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Kitchen Tools Reviews

Best Knife Sharpener

10 Best Knife Sharpener Reviewed [2019]

Anyone who owns a knife definitely needs a knife sharpener. Even if you are using the highest-quality knife, it will eventually get dull over time. Using a dull knife can be very dangerous. In order to keep it safe, you have to sharpen it regularly. Take note that a knife sharpener is entirely different from a…

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Butcher Knife

7 Best Butcher Knives Reviewed [2019]

If you’re slicing meat in the kitchen then most likely you’ll need the best butcher knife. Generally, a butcher knife weighs more compared to a chef’s knife. Additionally, it features a curved blade which is excellent for slicing thick cuts of meat. Most butcher knives have a resemblance on scimitar knife. Butcher knives have a…

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Instant Pot Vegetable Rice Recipe

I love eating rice and cook it often to accompany our main dishes, but I always end up with either boiled over pot, burned bottom of my pot or rice that's quite not done. The only time when I get it just about right is if I stand next to the boiling rice pot, constantly watching it to make sure it's not overboiling or burning! I mentioned this to my friend, who was first staring at me in disbelieve and then suggested to check out 'instant pot', which as she explained it's like a supercharged pressure cooker only much quicker and safer to use. Since watching rice to boil is not exactly a fun way to spend your evenings, I thought I'd give it a try! I borrowed my friend's instant pot, because I wanted to try it before I bought my own. ...

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Is processed food really bad for your health?

Quality control for processed foods. Dairy product research A couple of years ago, I became more aware of how processed food was affecting my health. I was always tired, often felt hungry even after I've eaten and I was putting on weight. I started to work with a nutritionist, who pointed out that I was relying on supermarket ready meals a little bit too much. She was right; ever since I started to work for myself, I found I had less and less time to cook properly, and it was just easy to buy ready-made food and stick it in the microwave. She recommended I learn more about food additives and try to eliminate them as much as I can from my diet. I knew that processed food is not particularly good for you, but I didn't realise how ...

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12 Healthy Food Favorites & Cooking Tips from Bay Area Personal Chef Lucas Lovelace

Having worked in several Michelin-star restaurants and as a private chef for billionaires, Lucas Lovelace knows his way around the kitchen. In addition to cooking, Lucas has a great passion for people to feel like they’re living their best life. Since diet is such an integral part of health, Lucas strives to customize meal plans in greater measure so people can have greater leverage (and time) to meet those goals. Lucas has shared a dozen of his favorite foods to incorporate into dishes as well as cooking tips to maximize their natural health benefits. Artichokes Artichokes throughout history have been placed in the category of "food as medicine." They have both silymarin and cynarine- compounds both good for one's liver, protecting ...

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Simple Waffle Recipe

This is one of the easiest waffle recipes I've tried and one that I use pretty much every time I want to make waffles for breakfast. This is a really simple recipe to follow and once you master the basics, you can start experimenting with the recipe. I like to swap around the flour for wholemeal or spelt flour (just add a little bit more baking powder to counteract the fact that you are not using self-raising flour. Buttermilk makes this recipe totally amazing, but if you are on a budget or you can't find buttermilk in your food shop, just use normal milk. The buttermilk makes these waffles extra buttery, but of course, it also adds calories! Simple Waffle Recipe The easiest waffle recipe that just taste divine! 2 ...

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Is liquorice good for you?

Is liquorice good for you? Well, like many children growing in the UK in the 1970’s, I only thought of liquorice (if I thought of it at all) as something to be used to reach into the bottom of my packet of sherbet dip. Once wet, the sherbet stuck to the liquorice, but if you ate the two together, you were liable to run out of liquorice before you ran out of sherbet. At least I did! Naturally (probably, on reflection not the best word) I was after the fizzy sensation of the sherbet, and that tingling feeling on my tongue. However, what I often got instead was a coughing fit as the yellow powder hit the back of my mouth. That’s if it didn’t end up all over my school uniform, first. The jet-black liquorice itself was best left to the ...

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Creamy Vodka Steak Pasta

So delicious, yet so simple! This is very quick pasta dish which uses shop bought sauce, but don't worry if you can't find it in your local shop. You can easily make it with some double cream, a dash of vodka, pinch of ground peper and a little bit of lemon or lime.  If you don't fancy the addition of an alcohol, just leave it out. To be honest the alcohol is there just for flavour, as it disapears when you pour it over the hot dish. If you'd like to make this recipe gluten free, I've given you the option to use zucchini instead of pasta. It makes this dish even lighter, but still packed full of flavour. Magdalena Creamy Vodka Steak Pasta 2 Tbsp butter1 pound sirloin steak35-40 ounces DeLallo Vodka Sauce (it's about 1½ ...

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