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Kitchen Tools Reviews

Best Knife Sharpener

10 Best Knife Sharpener Reviewed [2019]

Anyone who owns a knife definitely needs a knife sharpener. Even if you are using the highest-quality knife, it will eventually get dull over time. Using a dull knife can be very dangerous. In order to keep it safe, you have to sharpen it regularly. Take note that a knife sharpener is entirely different from a…

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Butcher Knife

7 Best Butcher Knives Reviewed [2019]

If you’re slicing meat in the kitchen then most likely you’ll need the best butcher knife. Generally, a butcher knife weighs more compared to a chef’s knife. Additionally, it features a curved blade which is excellent for slicing thick cuts of meat. Most butcher knives have a resemblance on scimitar knife. Butcher knives have a…

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Zojirushi Breadmaker

10 Best Breadmaker Machine Reviewed [2019]

A breadmaker is a device used for baking bread. It is like a small oven that contains bread pan and paddles. The settings can be adjusted through the control panel. Some models include a timer. The first breadmaker was created by Panasonic in 1986. After a decade, it became famous in different parts of the…

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13 Best Knife Block Sets Reviewed [2019]

Obviously, you can save a lot if you buy knife block sets instead of individual knives. However, due to the tremendous choices that are available in the market today, it's hard to know where to start. Having a quality knife block set can provide you years of cooking while a poorly made knife block set can be very disappointing. A good set of knives is one of the most important tools of a home cook or a professional chef. They're an indispensable tool when preparing meals. With proper care and maintenance, a decent knife set will likely last for years. Some people prefer to buy individual pieces rather than the whole set. But actually, there's nothing wrong in choosing a knife set. In fact, it can be an excellent gift to someone who is just ...

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5 Ultimate Easy Paella Recipes that Blow your Mind

There are many, many paella recipes and it is not always easy to choose which one fits your cravings. The original paella recipe was created in Valencia using chicken, rabbit, snails and three kinds of fresh beans in the summer, and duck and artichoke in the winter. Seafood and meat are not mixed in a traditional paella recipe, and seafood is only used when close to a sea. Now, paella is almost always associated with seafood, chicken and vegetables. The paella dish was named after the pan it is cooked in, a Paellera, which is also used for a variety of other rice dishes. The ingredients people use vary from place to place, and time to time, depending on local traditions and the ingredients available. IBM even programmed an AI system ...

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5 Best Julienne Peeler Reviews and How to Use One

A julienne peeler is a must-have to any kitchen.  It is very easy to use and best of all it can replace other expensive equipment in your kitchen. If you are having a hard time using a mandoline then you can substitute it with a julienne peeler. If you are a beginner then we recommend the Y-shaped model with a swivel blade. Some models do not use swivel blades. Although they can deliver excellent results but can be a bit dangerous. Even though there are some chefs who prefer this type since they feel that it is sturdier. Which Is Better A Julienne Peeler or A Spiralizer? Undoubtedly, both of these utensils are great however, they have different functions and outcomes. So, let's compare these two gadgets with regards to their function, ...

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3 Best Spiralizer Reviews with Tasty Recipes

What is a spiralizer? If you haven't heard of this incredible tool then don't be dismayed. A spiralizer is an amazing cooking gadget that is fairly new yet it is quite popular nowadays. Perhaps it was the paleo diet which has helped this tool rose to fame since it is the perfect tool for creating a vegetarian option. A spiralizer can create noodles out of vegetables. There are even some models that can make ribbons and curls. One of the greatest features of this tool is that they are super affordable. A spiralizer can let you cut back on your carbs by substituting your pasta and noodles with ribbons of fruits or vegetables. This kitchen tool typically consists of three blades. A small flat blade which is used for making ribbons, a circular ...

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5 Best Mandoline Slicer Reviews and Mandoline Recipes

The best mandoline slicer is more than just a sharp slicer. In fact, experts claim that it should have flexible height adjustments, instant cleanup with a secured hand guard that can grip foods tightly. A top notch mandoline slicer should be versatile with the capability to slice a wide range of thickness, cube, dice and even julienne. There are even some models which can do waffle cuts. Want To Buy Mandoline Slicer – A Few Quick Tips Sometimes it's quite amusing to discover what chefs, home cooks, and others experts have to say when it comes to picking the best mandoline slicer. Each of them has their own distinct ideas. For instance, some claims that an effective mandoline slicer must be easier to install and they don't mind if it does ...

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10 Best Chef’s Knife Sets Reviewed [2019]

What is a chefs knife? Also referred to as cook's knife, this tool is usually used for cutting fruits, vegetables, and other ingredients used for food preparation. Generally, it is used for slicing and peeling, however, it can also be used for disjointing large cuts of meat. Typically, it has a length of eight inches and a width of 1.5 inches. Nowadays, the lengths may vary from one model to another. Sometimes it can range from 6 to 14 inches. Blades come in different shapes, the most common ones are German and French. The German style has a continuous and deep curve while the French style is straighter with a curve at the tip. A Japanese chefs knife is named as a "gyuto" which means "beef knife". It looks the same with a French knife, ...

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